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Shandong fly livestock equipment Co., Ltd.

FLY livestock equipment
Absorbed Livestock equipment,The company has breeding test base, more than 10 years of production experience. The company also added to continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology and products to China, the main parts are made of imported from Denmark, opened up a new era for the generation of the domestic livestock industry, the staff have a good professional qualifications, and professional skill training.

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Shandong FlyLivestock equipment,Main pig automatic drinking fountains.

FLY livestock equipmentIs a professional production of pig innovative enterprises autodrinker, Huaxia Road company is located in the state-level Linyi economic and Technological Development Zone No. 109. Our company with drinking fountains in pig production voted heavily in the introduction of advanced automation control equipment, ensure the precision of workpiece, water sealing ring and spring are used imported from Denmark the sealing ring is greatly increased, anti-aging and anti fatigue properties of spring, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of Water Leakage drinking fountains, prolonged service life.

Our company can be customized according to customer needs, 24 hours service, since the market has won many domestic and foreign large enterprises favor. High quality products and services for the enterprise. To reduce the menace from the rear Seiko manufacturing for the purpose of company development has laid a solid foundation. We are striving for the domestic pig autodrinker first brand, let we are working together to contribute for the development of domestic animal husbandry of a force.