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The central agriculture minister Han Changfu visited shepherd laying hens breeding equipment

2017-5-22 - In February 24, 2017, the Ministry of agriculture minis...[View details]

Breeding, entrepreneurship, fully automated farming equipment to power

2017-5-22 - Hubei Xiantao the farm of Wang Qiang is a more than 30 ...[View details]

Combination of aquaculture equipment and Internet of things integrated solution system

2017-4-14 - The concept of networking is proposed in 1999, all of t...[View details]

Types and uses of protected aquaculture equipment

2017-3-28 - From the traditional aquaculture facilities to aquacult...[View details]

The intelligent breeding equipment will bring great potential for the development of the industry

2017-4-1 - China's animal husbandry is accelerating the reform and...[View details]

Standardization of livestock and poultry breeding equipment intelligent importance

2017-3-28 - In recent years, under the guidance of the central poli...[View details]

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