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The fifteenth session (2017) China animal husbandry exposition was a complete success

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Congratulations Shandong flying animal husbandry equipment Co., Ltd. to participate in the fifteenth (2017) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2017 China International Animal Husbandry Expo successfully!

 Shandong flying animal husbandry equipment Co., Ltd. as an industry well-known enterprises, participated in the livestock event, the exhibition mainly focused on the company's livestock farming management in some of the main push products and equipment. During the 3 days, Shandong Feixiang Animal Husbandry Equipment Co Ltd large booth attracted great attention at home and abroad, with foreign communication, most foreign together to the company headquarters personally inspected the guidance, and fully affirmed and praised!




Shandong Feixiang animal husbandry equipment limited company products on display, by many new and old customers to participate in the exhibition, many businessmen, interested in our products, many customers have conducted a detailed consultation, hope that through this face-to-face communication in-depth cooperation, the products at the same time, to achieve cooperation the agreement in many customers at the same time, but also through such a platform for friendly exchanges, make a lot of new friends, have a better understanding of our products in the new requirements of the livestock industry, animal husbandry of Shandong flying equipment Co., the company's future development has made a very good opportunity and help.

Exhibition scene

The actual inspection and approval of the foreign factory!

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