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Basic requirements for equipment in the farming equipment industry

Source:www.flysdcn.com/enOrder Hotline:2017-5-15Keyword:Farming equipment

First of all, farming equipment, compared with other mechanical processing, processing has a certain specificity, these characteristics mainly change now:
1, the majority of farming equipment need to process the complicated space curved surface in the solid metal module, with farming equipment continued to large-scale development, weight will be more and more big, now some have reached tens of tons;
2, with farming equipment products are becoming more and more complex, the processing precision farming equipment requirements are increasingly high, now many precision farming equipment has reached 1~2 + m, soon be developed for less than 1 mu m;
3, the majority of farming equipment shape is rectangular or square, there are few narrow and long, the main processing volume concentrated in the die and mould;
4, as users of farming equipment production cycle requirements are getting shorter and shorter, the farming equipment processing to meet the high efficiency, fast, and has a certain flexibility and long time, full load, non-stop operation and other requirements.
According to the above several particularities, some basic requirements are as follows:
1, machine tools should have good rigidity and large load carrying capacity corresponding to module weight;
2, to have high accuracy and precision retention;
3, the size of the work table and the size of the equipment to adapt to breeding, suitable for rectangular or square and round, should not be narrow, long, and the height of the direction and its journey requires a larger space;
4, in order to adapt the complex space curved surface processing, and has the massive processing quantity, therefore requests the machine tool to be able to multi axle linkage, and has the big information capacity numerical control system.
5, to be able to quickly and efficiently remove margin, and has high reliability, in order to maintain long-term, full load operation;