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Pie in the sky, farming equipment enterprises, are you ready?

Source:www.flysdcn.com/enOrder Hotline:2017-5-7Keyword:Farming equipment

2016 in the first half of the year, in other agriculture and animal husbandry industry are in the doldrums, for breeding equipment enterprises (especially chicken equipment enterprises) is " thriving " business is very hot. It was like a big pie from heaven, and everyone was not ready to meet it. A lot of chicken equipment companies are bustling heavy traffic demand, leading to customer noisy business seems unprecedented prosperity. So the question is: the first half of 2016 on business as this situation can be long? Will this kind of hot abnormal phenomenon continue to be prosperous? Or is it a flash of inspiration? Don't you really need competition in this industry? Are there any hidden dangers? In this era of "spell father, fight mom, spell the ticket", what should be done in the second half of the breeding equipment enterprises? Based on the present farming equipment enterprises need to pay attention to what?

1 overall supply and demand, good service,
Now for farming equipment enterprises should be cool headed, in the supply of goods in short supply, good after-sales installation and service work, so as to win the trust of customers. Don't forget to ignore the details because the business is good and damage the reputation of the company. No flower is red, but when it is good, it is bad. Enterprises should co-ordinate the supply and demand balance, can receive the list on the line, not because of insufficient production capacity of the impact of timely delivery, but also because business is too good to ignore service details.

2 pay close attention to quality and improve quality
Quality makes a cheap product. It's only the moment you buy it! When I use it, I feel relieved once. Quality products, money, that moment is distressed! Every day is happy, and the more you use it, the happier you will be! That's expensive. That's right, because it's good, so it's expensive! Products in quality! In the industry, the phrase "", quality supreme, "" has become a truism, but it can not be denied that it is true. No matter what you fight, you can't live without quality products in the final analysis. Because the product is the foundation of the enterprise. Do not because business hot " radish fast, do not wash mud " think of opportunistic, Jerry built, that would be more harm than good.

3 reasonable profit margins, sales doubled wings,
The premise of the service is profit, and the enterprise should have reasonable profit space. Not because of the fierce competition will give up profit losing money earned crying, not because of short-term shortage wanton price adjustment, with reasonable price, suitable marketing, customer service and good service to win the trust of customers, not for short-term and lost petty profits in the future.

4 do good reputation, win the future
Word of mouth can also be said to be popular. People prefer to believe in their friends' opinions and choose brands instead of advertisements. Without good word of mouth support, positive brand image is difficult to set up. Therefore the equipment enterprises can not should be sudden hot business and forget, ignore the details of services leads to the formation of bad reputation in the minds of consumers. Should focus on the interests of professional consumers, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, to be able to set up a good corporate image and brand image in the market, to win the praise of consumers!

5 attract talent in order to seek future
What was the most lacking in twenty-first Century, talent?! Talent is the lifeblood of enterprise development, in fact, our formal business enterprise is operating talent. In the current situation, we should redouble our efforts to improve the talent pool and human resources construction of enterprises. From the introduction of talents, training of talents, rational use of talents and retaining of talents, we should establish a good employment mechanism. The enterprise must have the wisdom and excellent leadership, capable of middle-level managers with unity, cooperation, consistent with the grass-roots workers, such enterprises can go further.

6 spell perfect management, brand
Farming equipment industry is now just the development of the industry, the development of the industry is not too mature, many enterprises are dependent on a few relatives and friends together from small to large, and gradually grow up, and lack of standardized management. When the enterprise suddenly accelerated into the fast lane, a vacant wrong. If we want to have better development, we must strengthen the management, improve the management process and establish a good management mechanism. Otherwise the effort will work not completed. There are many enterprises are bigger, but did not continue, because of the lack of good management and crashing down. Looking at the big brands of agriculture and animal husbandry, it is not difficult to find that they are almost all brand driven enterprises, and this is also their advantage. Brand as a stage of enterprise management activities to a higher level, is the soul of enterprise. Is the enterprise must pay attention to. It is also an important aspect for enterprises to set up market segments and effectively enhance the audience's influence. An enterprise without a brand is not sustainable.

in short, the competition of farming equipment enterprises will become the competition of comprehensive strength, not only to spell prices, spell quality, spell service, fight word of mouth, spell talents, and spell management, but also to spell brands. Only from various aspects of development, farming equipment enterprises will become more broad road of development!