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What is the function and relation of breeding equipment to aquaculture?

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the development of modern large-scale breeding and animal husbandry engineering technology has undergone a tortuous course. Today, China's aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, many small scale farms are good at operation and management, through the profit expanded reproduction of rolling development, gradually expand the scale of breeding poultry, some enterprises reached 5~20 million, and began to adopt feeder automation (ventilation, feeding, drinking water, shit, pick up eggs). On the other hand, leading enterprises have gradually improved the distribution of benefits in various chains, and the construction of large-scale farms has become more and more perfect. At the same time, the construction of epidemic prevention projects and the awareness of epidemic prevention have been strengthened. With the ability to resist risks in the market, the scale is also increasing.

However, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country is still at a low stage of development, foreign varieties of laying hens yield 18~20Kg, the survival rate of the laying period of more than 93%, while China's current level of production layers yield generally at about 16Kg, the individual can reach more than 18Kg, egg survival rate is generally around 85%, the majority of farms in profit and maintain operating state. The reason is that, besides the difficult disease and the low feeding technique, the technical defect of the animal husbandry project is the biggest problem. At present, there are many enterprises in the investment in the purchase of equipment, do not know how to choose modern products, resulting in low utilization of equipment, livestock and poultry breeds can not give full play to the good quality. Farming equipment involves the cultivation and production of various equipment in different fields. To the production process to divide, we can basically modern farming equipment and technology are divided into:

, building
For example: light steel house, light steel fowlery span, short construction period and good seismic performance. The utility model can effectively utilize the building space, make the building shape simple and beautiful, and make the component specification neat and uniform, and is suitable for the modern large-scale breeding industry, and can adapt to the different weather conditions of the north and the south of our country. If equipped with modern farming equipment, you can increase the breeding density, and accurately estimate the number of days listed and weight.

two, egg, chicken in
Mainly for the use of high-density breeding methods. The method reduces the contact between poultry and feces, is favorable for controlling diseases, improves the feeding density, reduces the occupation area, improves the egg laying rate of the layers by 6~10%, and increases the fertility rate by about 10%. The equipment for cage laying chicken has stacked type, ladder type and half step style according to its cross sectional type. Cage layer number can be single, double, three layer, eight layer to layer and broiler breeder; and there are corresponding cages.
At present, with the development of modern industry, the problem of the shortage of labor, or expensive kind of cage rearing artificial insemination of large labor intensity and pollution has emerged, therefore needs to be carried out research and development of this group of the cage, and according to the weight of poultry cage wire thickness and cage size parameters according to different width, fowlery; the length of design and development of different types of cages.

three, the feeding and drinking water equipment:
The drinking water system comprises a water tank, a water pressure regulator, a filter, a water pipe and a water fountain. The water fountain has nipple type, cup type, bell type and tower type. A simple chicken farm can also be used as a long water tank. The tower type water fountain is only used for flat feeding. From the point of view of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, the nipple type water dispenser is the most ideal water supply equipment for poultry feeding. However, in the choice, we must pay attention to the nipple water heater sealing performance, we must choose high-quality, non leaking water dispenser. According to the structure is different, generally divided into cone valve and ball valve type.
Cone valve: made of high quality stainless steel or high quality plastic. The arrangement of the valve elements and the wide span protect the water supply system to the greatest extent. The product is characterized by the use of cone valve way, so as to ensure its adequate water.
Ball valve: the upper part of the cone water needle, not only to control the flow of water, but also to prevent overflow of water droplets, resulting in waste. At the same time, because the product belongs to the ball valve type launching, therefore, although the launching volume is somewhat lower than the plunger type product, but has the certain superiority in the seal performance! The feeding machine and the water dispenser not only relieve manpower and labor efficiency, but also save feed and drinking water, and ensure the sanitation of poultry feed and drinking water.

, five homes in the wet curtain cooling equipment:

six, the winter heating equipment

Automatic control technology of

for the development of large-scale breeding, advanced modern farming equipment is indispensable. If there is no modern animal husbandry engineering facilities and equipment matching, China's aquaculture industry may still stay at the beginning of the eighty generation level, modern large-scale farming is difficult to achieve. However, it is worth noting that, advanced animal husbandry facilities and equipment, their performance characteristics vary, and must be different with the breeding enterprises, production methods, purposes and scale matching. Users need to know more about the facilities and characteristics of the livestock and poultry facilities, and make scientific and rational use, so as to give full play to the production efficiency of the facilities and equipment. The Chinese animal husbandry engineering technology still has certain gap compared with the developed countries, which requires us to engage in poultry breeding incubator equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises to develop a more scientific and more advanced, more practical and more efficient facilities, equipment, reached the international advanced level, so as to Chinese the modernization of the healthy development of aquaculture industry to make greater contribution.